Presents an Amazing Hypnosis Show

A Stage Hypnosis Show Suitable for the Whole Family

Mystic Lady HypnotistTHE MYSTIC HYPNOTIST is among the top stage hypnotists performing today. Her background as an entertainer dates back many years with countless appearances and guest spots in radio, television, fairs, fundraisers, corporate parties, employee improvement, personal enrichment, federal and city governments, and much much more.

If you want humor, you need the MYSTIC HYPNOTIST at your next event! Every show is designed for its' theme. The show can be geared towards an adult fun night or a multitude of attendees. Imagine a man who believes he is a famous female vocalist, a member of the ghostbusters, or perhaps interviewing the president and his intern! Whatever your event the humor and laughs will be non-stop from start to finish, and into the next week.

Stage Hypnosis by the Mystic HypnotistEveryone attending becomes involved in the show. The MYSTIC LADY begins each set with a stage full of volunteers, but that is not all! Members of the remaining audience are also guided through the same relaxation and induction. Some may end up on the stage with the other volunteers, some will do their performances in the audience from their seats! Some may believe their from another planet or glued to their seats! Anything is possible with the MYSTIC LADY HYPNOTIST. Her sense of humor, quick wit, coupled with expert training, make the show something people talk about and remember for a long time to come!

Not all shows need include extreme humor, the mystic lady also guides groups through personal enrichment seminars. These seminars are for corporations or businesses employers for drive, self improvement, and motivation for themselves and employees. These seminars are very uplifting for all involved.

We invite you to discover the many hypnotic services and benefits offered by the Mystic Lady Hypnotist, Sharon Wolters, DCH(c), CH.T.
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